Competitions and events of the 2024 year


February 07—10 International competition "For Prizes of the President of the Republic of Belarus" Belarus, Minsk
February 16—18 Open International SAMBO Cup “Cyprus 2024” Cyprus, Limassol
February 19—20 International Sambo training camp Cyprus, Limassol


March 02 International competition DSI Dutch Open Sambo 2024 Netherlands, Dalfsen
March 20—24 International competition Greece, Amindeo
March 21—24 International SAMBO tournament “Memorial to the Sambo Founders” Russia, Moscow


April 03—06 Sambo World Cup Stage Armenia, Yerevan
April 16—19 International competition "Grand Prix" with a prize fund Russia, Kemerovo
April 29—02 International competition “Pobeda” Russia, Saint Petersburg


May 07—13 European SAMBO Championships Serbia, Novi Sad
May 17—19 International competition "Grand Prix" with a prize fund Russia, Ulan-Ude
May 30—01 International SAMBO tournament Russia, Moscow


June 12—16 "Sports Games of the BRICS Member States" Russia, Kazan


July 02—04 International Tournament "IVAN DOCTOROV" 2024 Bulgaria, Sofia


August 04—07 International Sambo Tournament "Memorial of Honored Coach of the USSR M.G. Burdikov" Russia, Kstovo
August 07—10 International Sambo training camp Russia, Kstovo
August 13—17 Sambo World Cup Final Kyrgyzstan, Cholpon Ata
August 19—21 International sambo competitions among boys 16-18 years old Russia, Moscow
August 29—31 International competition "Grand Prix" with a prize fund Russia, Saint Petersburg


September 01 "World Games Druzhba" Russia, Moscow
September 06—09 World BEACH SAMBO Championship Morocco, Casablanca
September 09—12 International competition Russia, Moscow
September 12—15 International competition Georgia, Tbilisi
September 14 International Competition: EUROPEAN UNION SAMBO CUP Latvia, Riga
September 20—22 International competition Serbia, Novi Sad
September 27—29 Cup of the President of the National Olympic Committee of Armenia Gagik Tsarukyan Armenia, Yerevan
September 30 International competition "Grand Prix" with a prize fund TRANSFERRED Russia, Krasnodar


October 09—14 World Championship Youth&Juniors Cyprus, Larnaca
October 24—28 World Masters Sambo Championship Tajikistan, Dushanbe


November 06—11 World SAMBO Championships Kazakhstan, Astana


December 06—09 International competition "Grand Prix" Final with a prize fund Russia, Kazan
December 12—15 International tournament “VLADIMIR” Russia, Dzerzhinsk
December 13—16 International sambo competition Lithuania, Vilnius