The European team became the winner of the World Combat Games!

October 21 2023

Today within the framework of the World Combat Games the team competition was held. The teams were formed according to the results of the continental sambo championships. Thus, sambo wrestlers were formed into Europe 1, Europe 2, Europe 3 teams based on the results of the European Championships.

Team Europe 1 defeated Team Asia Oceania 1 in the quarterfinals with a score of 6:2. In the semifinals they beat the team Europe 2 with the same score. As a result of the final meeting with a score of 5:3 beat the team Asia Oceania 2.

Team Europe 2 took the bronze medal. Unfortunately, Team Europe 3 lost the quarterfinals and dropped out of the competition after the first round.

October 21—22, 2023 World combat games  Saudi Arabia, Riyadh