The Israeli Sambo Federation held a seminar on doping control

November 26 2022

On Thursday, the IFS, together with ISR NADA, held a seminar for the national Sambo team on the topic of doping control: the rights and obligations of an athlete to be checked, types of checks, types of means prohibited by WADA, etc.

The head coach and Vice President of the IFS noted at the end of the seminar: “The IFS sees it as its duty to educate sports youth in ‘clean’ and honest sports. It was very important for us to explain to the collections of the country the harmfulness of the use of prohibited drugs, the moral aspect, as well as to give information about the correct use of medicines, the rights and obligations of athletes during the inspection and the importance of inspections. We see the importance of cooperation with the national office of ISR NADA and we will continue to work together for clean and honest sports in the country and in the world!”