Greek sambo wrestlers took part in the celebration of Ohi Day in Thessaloniki

October 31 2022
Greek sambists took part in the celebration of Ohi Day in Thessaloniki

Athletes and coaches of the Hellenic Federation of Sambo, Kurash, Chidaoba took part in the festive procession timed to coincide with the annual celebration of Ohi Day on October 28. Military and student parades took place all over the country that day, and most public buildings were decorated with national flags.

“Every year in our country there are parades dedicated to this holiday. They are also attended by representatives of various sports in the uniform in which they usually perform at competitions. Of course, representatives of our federation did not stay away from such a holiday and took part in the festive procession,” said Merabi Iliadis, President of the Hellenic Federation of Sambo, Kurash, Chidaoba.

Ohi Day became an official public holiday after the end of World War II. It is celebrated on October 28 in memory of the rejection of the ultimatum presented by fascist Italy to Greek Prime Minister Ioannis Metaxas on October 28, 1940. The Greek word “όχι” [’o̞.çi], meaning “no”, is pronounced with an accent on “o” and sounds like “όhi”.