The first graduates of the “School of Coaches” on Sambo appeared in Greece

July 07 2022

The graduation exam for the first class of the Greek “School of Coaches” was held on July 3. Of the 43 people who started training in February, 36 “students” of the school reached the finish line. Successful passing the exam means they can officially work as sambo and kurash coaches in Greece.

“Coaches School” was organized by the Greek Sambo, Kurash, Chidaoba Federation under the auspices of the Ministry of Culture and Sports of the country. The program was designed for 380 hours of theoretical training and 120 hours of practical training for each of the two sports — sambo and kurash.

“We had to expel several people during the training — for failing grades or absences. For those who were able to pass the exams, new opportunities are opening up as they become the first official state-certified coaches. In the coming days the coaches will receive their diplomas from the Ministry of Culture and Sports of Greece and start their work, which will benefit the development of sambo and kurash in our country,” said the president of the national federation Merabi Iliadis.