The national beach sambo championship was held in Romania

June 18 2022

From June 10 to 12 in Ghioroc Commune of Arad County in Romania was held national qualifying championship in beach sambo. The national team was formed to play at the World Championship in Israel in August.

Competition results:


50 kg

1st place Nadin Maria

2nd place Vladu Ana-Maria

3rd place Hegyi Timeea

3rd place Jenaru Julia

59 kg

1st place Valvol Anda

2 place Szabo Carolina

3 place Stanciu Ruth

3rd place Valvol Denisa

72 kg

1st place Maleika Volha

2 place Dehelean Maria

3 place Constantin Elena

+72 kg

1 place Kaliuzhnaya Katsiaryna

2 place Prodan Bianca

3 place Greculeac Andreea

3rd place Costea Elena


58 kg

1st place Rima Gabriel

2 place Corelciuc Ciprian

3 place Kocsis Ernest

71 kg

1st place Szoke Laszlo

2 place Gogu Sorin

3 place Tita Daniel

3rd place Greculeac Teodor

88 kg

1st place Bodirlau Cristian

2 place Bodea Razvan

3 place Bolovan Paul

3 place Stoica Andrei

+88 kg

1 place Natea Daniel

2 place Simion Mihai

3 place Talpos David

3rd place Sorostinean Raul