The Sambo Grand Prix of Paris was held in France

June 16 2022

The Sambo Grand Prix was held in Paris on the first weekend of June. 25 clubs and 63 athletes (41 men and 22 women) took part in the competition. Athletes represented nine countries: France, Netherlands, Germany, Romania, Belgium, Moldova, Belarus, Ireland and Spain.

Results of the competition:


50 kg

1 place Corcher Assiehue (France)

2nd place Linder Jessica (Germany)

3rd place Bureau Margaux (France)

3rd place Gatin Elena (France)

50 kg

1st place Bureau Margaux (France)

2nd place Gatin Elena (France)

59 kg

1st place Fournier Laure (France)

2nd place Buwalda Sacha (Netherlands)

3rd place Valvoi Anda (Romania)

3rd place Bauer Leah (Germany)

72 kg

1st place Maleika Volha (Romania)

2nd place Overkamp Naomi (Netherlands)

3rd place Oberfoell Lisa (Germany)

3rd place Bolohan Victoria (Belgium)

+80 kg

1st place Prodan Bianca (Romania)

2nd place Lage Lauryne (France)

3rd place Kaliuzhnaya Katsiaryna (Romania)

3rd place Chirac Elena (France)


58 kg

1st place Giorgi Mekhrishvili (France)

2nd place Blot Steven (France)

64 kg

1st place Schildermans Joran (Netherlands)

2nd place Kirpichenko Denis (Germany)

3rd place Brito Enzo (France)

3rd place Auger Quentin (France)

71 kg

1st place Van Doorn Jaap (Netherlands)

2nd place Ronthenflue Victor (France)

3rd place Lamberts Niek (Netherlands)

3rd place Gourbin Tao (France)

79 kg

1st place Papou Stsiapan (Belarus)

2nd place Bakker Kevin (Netherlands)

3rd place Zaharia-Catalin Postica (Germany)

3rd place Bastens Danny (Netherlands)

88 kg

1st place Oslobanu Sergiu (Moldova)

2nd place Noutsalov Moussa (France)

3rd place Bodirlau Gheorghe (Romania)

3rd place Chisca Lulian (France)

98 kg

1st place Kelly Nick (Netherlands)

2nd place Varonik Yegor (Ireland)

3rd place Chisca Valeriu (France)

3rd place Bouzina Yassine (France)

+98 kg

1st place Welten Max (Netherlands)

2nd place Van Der Veen Lars (Netherlands)

3rd place Petcu Vitali (Moldova)

As a result of the overall team competition among the participating countries, France took first place, the Netherlands second, and Germany third.