Lithuania hosted the XIV International Sambo Tournament

June 08 2022

XIV International Sambo Tournament in memory of World Champion Stanislovas Kulikauskas was held in Lithuania. The competition was held from May 20 to 22, 2021 in the Sports Hall, 297 Vilniaus Str., Siauliai, Lithuania.

Boys and girls (born in 2004-2011) took part in the tournament.

Results of the young men (2004 year of birth):

64 kg

1st place Pavel Voinickij

2nd place Samuel Oliwier

3rd place Karolis Kazdazilis

71 kg

1st place Tautvydas Ivanauskas

88 kg

1st place Matvejs Lobazevics

2nd place Edvinas Sabaliauskas

3rd place Dmytro Burchyk

Boys results (year of birth 2006)

59 kg

1st place Arijus Augunas

2nd place Aringas Slefendoras

3rd place Andrius Tymalka

3rd place Simas Papreckis

64 kg

1st place Maksimas Gordejus

2nd place Tadas Ardickas

88 kg

1st place Andrejs Saukans

2nd place Matas Jaugelis

3rd place Stagys Harry

3rd place Andrius Pilypas

Girls results (year of birth 2006)

47 kg

1st place Ema Samoilenko

2nd place Arune Slefendoraite

3rd place Gabija Verkauskaite

3rd place Vytaute Navickaite

65 kg

1st place Mija Lementauskaite

2nd place Valda Sirelyte

3rd place Roberta Kandrotaite

3rd place Skaiste Novikova

Boys results (year of birth 2009)

42 kg

1st place Martynas Aukstuolis

2nd place Kajus Miliukas

3rd place Stanislav Cherepnia

3rd place Rutenis Gabrielaitis

50 kg

1st place Arminas Budrius

2nd place Justas Sabonis

3rd place Rapolas Putinauskas

3rd place Arturas Aukstuolis

59 kg

1st place Ervinas Kazlauskas

Boys results (year of birth 2011)

31 kg

1st place Aleksandras Motrenka

2nd place Danil Bigisev

3rd place Algirdas Navickas

3rd place Kevin Uckuronis

42 kg

1st place Oleg Daubos

2nd place Tichon Antosiuk

3rd place Deniss Strehnins

3rd place Volodymyr Lashyn

50 kg

1st place Paulius Tautvydas

2nd place Artjoms Gordejevs

3rd place Lukas Sabaliauskas

3rd place Edgar Kozlov

55 kg

1st place Gustas Kulikauskas

2nd place Emilis Sutkus

Girls results (year of birth 2011)

47 kg

1st place Domile Mendelyte

May 20—22, 2022 XIV International Sambo Tournament 2022 In the name of world champion Stanislovas Kulikauskas  Lithuania, Siauliai