The national beach sambo championship was held in Russia

May 25 2022

On May 21-22 in Anapa, Russia, the National Beach Sambo Championship was held. According to the results of the Championship, a sambo team was formed to participate in the Beach Sambo World Championship in Israel. As a reminder, Russian National Team is admitted to the World Sambo Championships under the FIAS Executive Committee decision and has a neutral status (with FIAS flag and anthem).

Composition of the Russian National beach sambo team:


50 kg Sofia Emelyukova

59 kg Kakhramanova Elmira

72 kg Posylkina Olesya

+72 kg Maria Shekerova


58 kg Beketov Tolobek

71 kg Makhdiyev Abulmuslim

88 kg Durnoyan Alexander

+88 kg Khaptsev Artur

For the first time were held team competitions in beach sambo, they were not qualifying ones.

Results of the team competition in beach sambo:

1 place team Moscow

2nd place team Ural Federal District

the 3rd place team from Anapa city