Beach Sambo Championship was held in Spain

May 21 2022

Poniente Beach in Gijon was the venue of the Spanish Beach Sambo Championship, which was held on May 14-15.

Sambo wrestlers from all over Spain gathered to compete for medals of the national tournament and at the same time to prepare for the World Beach Sambo Championship, which is planned to be held in Israel on August 27-28.

Results of the Spanish Beach Sambo Championship 2022


50 kg

1. Fernández Marta (AST)

2. Andújar Cristina (VAL)

59 kg

1. Salgado Natalia (EXT)

2 Sánchez Paula (VAS)

3. Correa Sandra (AST)

3 López Sara (MAD)

72 kg

1. Muiños Vanessa (GAL)

2. Velázquez Marina (AND)

+72 kg

1. González Cristina (AST)


58 kg

1. Restegi Mikel (VAS)

2 Barrallazo Anthuan (MAD)

71 kg

1. Vacaru Marius (MAD)

2 Trigo Francisco Jose (GAL)

3 González Nicolás (GAL)

3. López Alberto (GAL)

88 kg

1 Fernández Brais (GAL)

2 Solís Mateo (AST)

3 Aragoneses Javier (EXT)

3. Fortun Adrián (MAD)

+88 kg

1. Fernandez David (AST)

2. Acebron Carlos (MAD)

3 Pérez Moisés (CAN)

3. Basco Manuel (AND)