The annual general meeting of the Hungarian National Sambo Federation was held

May 04 2022

The Hungarian National Sambo Federation annual general meeting was held on 10th of April.

The items on the agenda were as follows:

— Approval of the simplified annual financial statements for 2021

— Adoption of the 2021 professional report

— Discussion and adoption of the 2022 professional plan

— Election of officers (President, Secretary-General, Vice-President, Member of the Committee)

— Membership fee update

— Others

The General Assembly found that the epidemic had caused damage to its membership and held an “idea Exchange” on several points for development. In order to prepare Hungarian judges, coaches and competitors, the member organizations have defined professional “cohesion” every 1-1.5 months, which aims to ensure the technical training of Hungarian judges and coaches and the central preparation of competitors preparing for international competitions.

After the introductions and plans of the candidates, the General Meeting unanimously elected by open vote for a next 5years:

President: Imre Papp

Secretary General: Orsolya Papp-Márta

Vice President: Ferenc Sirankó

Member of the Commettee: Krisztián Krisán