The youth championship of Ukraine was held in Lviv

February 02 2022


600 athletes from 22 regions of the country gathered Ukrainian Youth Championship in Sports and Combat Sambo, which was hospitably hosted by Lviv. During three days 51 sets of medals in two age categories (18 and 20 years old) were played out on the mats of SKA track and field arena.

Vadim Rogach, President of National Sambo Federation of Ukraine:

— I would like to note the wide geography of the champions and medalists of the tournament. For example, gold medals were won by the representatives of 17 regions, this has never happened before. This means that sambo is developing locally; we have the right policy, focused on young people. And it concerns not only figuratively speaking the higher echelon: we have a lot of social projects which work for the masses of our kind of martial arts. For example, sambo is included in the president’s program “Active parks — locations of healthy Ukraine”. And we have many plans that we want to implement. The result is also ensured by constant work on improving the skills of all staff members of our big family — coaches, referees, athletes and organizers. And the next big start, which, as well as the youth championship, is one of the main stages of the selection for the national team, will be the Ukrainian championship for men and women, it will take place in a month in Kharkiv.


JUNIORS AND GIRLS (16-18 years old)

1. Kiev

2. Kharkiv region

3. Odessa region

JUNIORS AND YOUNG GIRLS (18 — 20 years old)

1. Lviv region

2. Kyiv

3. Dnepropetrovsk region


Under 42 kg

1. Elizabeth BONDAR (Odessa region)

2. Karina Ivashchenko (Kiev)

3. Diana ALIYEVA (Kharkiv oblast)

3. Anastasia KIREEVA (Dnipropetrovsk region)

Under 47 kg

1. Veronica CHERNUKHA (Dnipropetrovsk region)

2. Margarita MIROSHNICHENKO (Poltava region)

3. Anastasiya SIKISH (Ivano-Frankivsk region)

3. Kristina DUS (Chernihiv oblast)

Under 50 kg

1. Milena Kukhar (Poltava region)

2. Elizaveta SHEVCHENKO (Chernihiv region)

3. Angelina NAGIRNA (Khmelnitsky region)

3. Diana KOZACHENKO (Odessa region)

Under 54 kg

1. Yana Voloshinuk (Ivano-Frankivsk region)

2. Darya KOBA (Rivne region)

3. Olesya PUTRYA (Kharkiv region)

3. Karina GOVYADOVSKY (Dnipropetrovsk region)

Under 59 kg

1. Violetta KUMEKO (Zhytomyr region)

2. Kateryna MARTYNENKO (Kiev)

3. Anastasia KOLODUK (Kiev)

3. Inna SHINKARENKO (Kiev)

Under 65 kg

1. Maria CHERNOKOZ (Zhytomyr Region)

2. Angelina Lysenko (Chernihiv region)

3. Diana Tulunzhi (Odessa Region)

3. Amina ABDULAGATOVA (Dnipropetrovsk region)

Under 72 kg

1. Maria Rytska (Sumy Region)

2. Angelina Velichka (Sumy region)

3. Victoria GRITSENKO (Poltava region)

3. Alexandra PROTASEVICH (Zhytomyr region)

Under 80 kg

1. Anna KAZAKOVA (Chernihiv region)

2. Ganna MUKAN (Odessa region)

3. Valentina ARUTUNOVA (Kiev)

3. Victoria ZAROVETSKA (Ivano-Frankivsk Region)

Over 80 kg

1. Margarita Belkova (Dnipropetrovsk Region)

2. Ivanna YUZEFOVICH (Kiev)

3. Sofia SKRIPCHENKO (Kharkiv Oblast)

3. Anastasia BEREZHNA (Donetsk region)


Under 42 kg

1. Daniel DZUBA (Kharkov region)

2. Yegor KOLODYAZHNY (Sumy Region)

3. Nazar NINNYK (Kyiv region)

3. Vladyslav TKACHUK (Vinnitsa region)

Under 53 kg

1 Artem GORBAN (Kyiv)

2. Vladislav ZHOGAN (Khmelnitsk region)

3. Danila AVRAMENKO (Kharkiv region)

3. Danila KRAVCHENKO (Kharkiv region)

Under 58 kg

1 Ivan Lukash (Kharkov region)

2. Elmir ALIYEV (Khmelnitsk region)

3. Daniel GRUSHEV (Kharkiv region)

3. Andrey KAMINSKY (Transcarpathian region)

Under 64 kg

1. Maxim Babich (Kharkiv region)

2. Nikolay Simonchuk (Rivne region)

3. German Ivashchenko (Kyiv region)

3. Anton Goncharov (Odessa region)

Under 71 kg

1. Maxim Lutsyk (Khmelnitsk region)

2. Marat Ismailov (Kharkiv region)

3. Vladimir KLYMCHUK (Kyiv region)

3. Vasily YAREMCHUK (Ivano-Frankivsk region)

Under 79 kg

1. Yaroslav MIKHALYUK (Lviv region)

2. Mikhail SIDLOVSKY (Zhytomyr region)

3. Bogdan ROMANOV (Lviv region)

3. Nazar GRIGORENKO (Kyiv Region)

Under 88 kg

1. Ivan CHERNYSHENKO (Sumy region)

2. Alexander ANICHKIN (Kyiv Region)

3. Oleg Tsinnik (Lviv region)

3. Artem Pryymenko (Sumy region)

Under 98 kg

1. Bogdan KOVAL (Lviv region)

2. Vladyslav GURENKO (Kharkiv region)

3. Vitaly Kucherenko (Kharkiv region)

3. Vladislav Kuts (Volyn region)

Over 98 kg

1. Elnur ABBASOV (Dnipropetrovsk region)

2. Bogdan Sychevsky (Donetsk region)

3. Roman KOVALENKO (Kharkiv Oblast)

3. Antoniy POLISHCHUK (Volyn Region)

YOUNG MEN (combat sambo)

Under 42 kg

1. Gleb SEVERIN (Vinnitsa region)

Under 53 kg

1. Taras KRYLOV (Vinnitsa region)

2. Anton DODON (Vinnitsa region)

3. Artem SHEVCHENKO (Vinnitsa region)

3. Vladyslav GONCHARENKO (Kyiv City)

Under 58 kg

1. Mikhail LYSHCHINSKY (Lviv region)

2. Nazar SOBOLEV (Kiev)

3. Yuriy CHIBISOV (Ivano-Frankivsk region)

3. Daniil Gudz (Cherkassk Region)

Under 64 kg

1. Vladislav Melnyk (Odessa region)

2. Yury Posich (Volyn region)

3. Danila Melnyk (Cherkassy region)

3. Evgeniy MAKAROV (Volyn region)

Under 71 kg

1. Bogdan Garbuz (Odessa region)

2. Alexey Terletsky (Khmelnitsky region)

3. Andrey KOCHUBEINIK (Vinnitsa region)

3. Vitaly KRAVTSIV (Ivano-Frankivsk region)

Under 79 kg

1. Maxim PAVLYUK (Odessa Region)

2. Artur Bystryk (Kyiv)

3. Eduard DYACHUK (Vinnitsa region)

3. Nikolay KOZORIZ (Vinnitsa region)

Under 88 kg

1 Andrey RUBAN (Zhytomyr region)

2. Roman RUDENKO (Kharkiv region)

Under 98 kg

1. Rostislav KRISHTONOV (Odessa region)

2. Danila Tsyganenko (Kiev)

3. Kirill BIZYUK (Kyiv)

3. Ivan POREMCHUK (Volyn region)

Over 98 kg

1. Bogdan Sychevsky (Donetsk region)

2. Nikita CHIYNESH (Kharkiv Region)


Under 47 kg

1. Julia ZASULSKY (Poltava region)

2. Marta CHAPLINSKY (Lviv region)

3. Anastasia YURCHAK (Odessa region)

3. Kristina DUS (Chernihiv region)

Under 50 kg

1. Anastasiya SIKISH (Ivano-Frankivsk Region)

2. Darya-Iryna SHVEDYK (Chernihiv oblast)

3. Angelina NAGIRNA (Khmelnitsky region)

3. Ruslana Melnyk (Vinnitsa region)

Under 54 kg

1. Snezhana Plish (Ivano-Frankivsk region)

2. Yana VOLOSHINYUK (Ivano-Frankivsk region)

3. Olesya PUTRYA (Kharkiv oblast)

3. Alina SLOBODENYUK (Zhytomyr Region)

Under 59 kg

1. Sofia BORDINSKYH (Dnipropetrovsk oblast)

2. Olga DRIG (Kyiv oblast)

3. Inna SHINKARENKO (Kyiv region)

3. Maria POLYAKOVA (Kiev)

Under 65 kg

1. Darina Zhukova (Odessa region)

2. Darina Lyashuk (Volyn region)

3. Amina ABDULAGATOVA (Dnipropetrovsk region)

3. Diana ERMAK (Zaporizhzhya region)

Under 72 kg

1. Anastasia ZINKEVICH (Zaporizhzhya region)

2. Valeria MOCHENOVA (Kiev region)

3. Valeria CHERNENKO (Kiev region)

3. Vitalia MARFIAN (Lviv region)

Under 80 kg

1. Anna KAZAKOVA (Chernihiv region)

2. Valentina ARUTYUNOVA (Kiev Region)

3. Anastasia KRASNIKOVA (Kharkiv Region)

3. Anna MUKAN (Odessa region)

Over 80 kg

1. Margarita Belkova (Dnipropetrovsk region)

2. Elizaveta MORENKO (Donetsk oblast)

3. Anastasia BEREZHNA (Donetsk region)

3. Anna DEYEVA (Dnipropetrovsk region)


Under 53 kg

1. Sergey Shpak (Khmelnitsky region)

2. Anton Tkach (Vinnitsa region)

3. Rustam ASKEROV (Lviv region)

3. Roman POCHANSKY (Lviv region)

Under 58 kg

1. Danila ISAENKO (Kharkiv Oblast)

2. Georgiy KURKOYID (Odessa region)

3. Andrey BOROVIKOV (Khmelnitsk region)

3. Dmytro ZHEBCHUK (Kyiv)

Under 64 kg

1. Vladislav Kirilyuk (Vinnitsa region)

2. Yaroslav GONCHAR (Chernihiv region)

3. Yaroslav OLYINYK (Vinnitsa region)

3. Kirill MANKO (Dnipropetrovsk region)

Under 71 kg

1. Vasily SIDOR (Khmelnitsk region)

2. Mark CHEREDNICHENKO (Kharkiv region)

3. Danila KANIKOVSKY (Odessa region)

3. Nazar Akishev (Khmelnytsky region)

Under 79 kg

1. Bogdan Tsisar (Khmelnitsk region)

2. Vladislav Kholod (Khmelnitsky Oblast)

3. Maxim Parfionov (Odessa region)

3. Denis KIZIMENKO (Kharkiv region)

Under 88 kg

1. Nikita BATIY (Zaporizhzhya region)

2. Timur SAMEDOV (Rivne region)

3. Danila SEMENYAKA (Khmelnytsky Oblast)

3. Ilya KLIMENKO (Dnipropetrovsk region)

Under 98 kg

1. Roman KROKHMALOV (Zaporizhzhya region)

2. Nazar SHIPKA (Lviv Region)

3. Nikita BEREGULSKY (Lviv Region)

3. Vladyslav GURENKO (Kharkiv region)

Over 98 kg

1. Nikolay GRYBYK (Lviv region)

2. — 

3. Denis SMIRNOV (Kharkiv Oblast)

3. Igor Basanets (Sumy region)

JUNIORS (Combat Sambo)

Under 53 kg

1. Danila Filatov (Kharkov region)

2. Rustam ASKEROV (Lviv Region)

3. Yaroslav SHKENU (Kyiv region)

3. Roman Pochansky (Lviv region)

Under 58 kg

1. Maxim KUCEL (Rivne region)

2. Sergey MIKHAILENKO (Donetsk region)

3. Maxim Zimin (Vinnitsa region)

3. Pavel ZVERKO (Vinnitsa region)

Under 64 kg

1. Valery MAIBORODA (Lviv region)

2. Jan Raskin (Odessa region)

3. Vladislav PALYURA (Vinnitsa region)

3. Alexander Mikulaninets (Kyiv region)

Under 71 kg

1. Andrey MISYUK (Volyn region)

2. Eduard LYASHUK (Rivne region)

3. Sergiy Zazimko (Kyiv region)

3 Ivan Ivanoglu (Donetsk region)

Under 79 kg

1. Vladislav KRYLOV (Dnipropetrovsk region)

2. Artur STUK (Lviv region)

3. Egor GALCHENKO (Dnipropetrovsk region)

3. Denis OSTAFI (Kyiv)

Under 88 kg

1. Yury MIKHAILOV (Rivne region)

2. Danielo Rakhish (Odessa region)

3. Sergey Scherbaty (Dnipropetrovsk region)

3. Dmitry SAVCHENKO (Khmelnitsky region)

Under 98 kg

1. Nazar SHIPKA (Lviv region)

2. Yaroslav FILIPCHUK (Odessa region)

3. Evgeniy SMOLYAK (Dnipropetrovsk region)

3. Vladyslav OSTROVSKY (Kyiv)

Over 98 kg

1. Yaroslav STRILETS (Cherkassk region)

2. Dmytro KABANETS (Kyiv)

3. Timur Azimov (Kyiv)

3. Vitaly Khudokovsky (Dnipropetrovsk region)