The Georgian national team has formed the national team for the World and European Championships 2022

January 07 2022

From December 24 to 25, 2021 in Tbilisi the National Sambo Federation of Georgia held Georgian Sambo Cup Championship.

Georgian Cup Championship was held in Tbilisi, which was attended by 190 athletes. European and world champions took part in competitions

Both European and World Sambo Champions took part in the competition. As a result of the Georgian Cup, the Georgian National Sambo Federation formed a team to take part in international competitions in 2022.


58 kg

1 place VakhtarlgChidrashvili

2nd place Irakli Kupatadze

3rd place Givi Nadareishvili

3rd place Gaga Vardosanidze

64 kg

1st place Tornike Tchovelidze

2nd place Giorgi Naskidashvili

3rd place Avto Mukbaniani

3rd place Saba Grigalashvili

71 kg

1st place Mindia Liluashvili

2nd place Tornike Grigalashvili

3rd place Gaga Bakhtidze

3rd place Beka Udesiani

79 kg

1st place Levan Nakhutsrishvili

2nd place Besarion Berulava

3rd place Omar Niazashvili

3rd place Irakli Odzelashvili

88 kg

1st place Paata Ghviniashvili

2nd place Zaur Dvalashvili

3rd place Onise Khurtsidze

3rd place Levan Dikhaminjia

98 kg

1st place Davit Loriashvili

2nd place IIia Baturashvili

3rd place Dimitri Kundukhashvili

3rd place Tornike Jugheli

+98 kg

1st place Lasha Taveluri

2nd place Onise Bughadze

3rd place Giorgi Zakaiadze

3rd place Giorgi Kawaradze