Summing up of the European Cadet Sambo Championships 2021

December 21 2021

The European Cadet Sambo Championship is the final stage of international competitions for the European Sambo Federation representatives in 2021.

Initially planned to be held in Dalfsen (Netherlands), but complex epidemiological situation made its corrections and on September 27, 2021 the Executive Committee of EFS decided to postpone the competition to Limassol, Republic of Cyprus.

For the Cyprus Sambo Federation the European Championships was the third international start this year. In spite of rather short period of time for organisation, the representatives of the Cyprus Federation managed to hold the event at high level.

Championship was held from 17 to 20 December 2021 in Limassol, at Apollon Limassol Basketball Stadium. The competition was attended by 151 athletes from 18 countries. In total there were 72 medals and 6 team cups.

On the first day, competitors competed for medals in ten weight categories (boys: 46 kg, 53 kg, 64 kg, 79 kg, 88+ kg; girls: 41 kg, 54 kg, 65 kg, 72+ kg). The opening ceremony was attended by Andreas Michaelides, president of the Cyprus Sports Organisation, together with Marios Andreou, president of the Sambo Federation of Cyprus. They officially opened the competition and congratulated the President of Hellenic Sambo Federation, Kurash, Chidaoba Merampi Iliadis.


On the second day, the athletes decided the fate of 8 sets of medals in the weight categories of boys: 49kg, 58kg, 71kg, 88kg; girls: 44kg, 50kg, 59kg, 72kg. Also, on the final day of competition, winners in the team standings were decided. The Russian National Team topped the podium among girls; the Ukrainian National Team topped the podium among boys. This was the first team gold for the Ukrainian cadet team since 2015

December 17—20, 2021 European Championship among Cadetes (Juniors (M&F) 14-16)  Cyprus, Limassol