Turkish Sambo Clubs Federation held a meeting with the Ministry of Sports of Turkey

October 07 2021

On August 20 in Ankara there was held a meeting with the Head of the Sports Federations Department of the Ministry of Youth and Sports on the issue of inclusion of Turkish Sambo Clubs Federation into the Ministry. At the meeting it was said that the Turkish Sambo Federation has fulfilled all the criteria established by the Ministry for the membership of the organization, and therefore it is time for the Turkish Sambo Federation to be included in the structure of the Ministry of Youth and Sports. In this regard an official application was submitted.

At the application meeting the goals of the Turkish Sambo Federation were discussed, as well as the advantages of Turkey in the field of logistics and tourism, which were noted by the ESF and FIAS leadership. The absence of visa problems in Turkey, the possibility of arriving from anywhere in the world by one flight, new and modern sports facilities, climatic conditions and accommodation in the country are all important advantages for holding international tournaments in Turkey. In the near future the Turkish Sambo Federation plans to organize an event with the participation of the Turkish sports minister and the Russian ambassador in Ankara.