Sambo at the Martial Art Day in France

July 12 2019

This Saturday, July 6th the Martial Art Day of the International Association of Martial Arts (MAAI)was organized for the first time in France.

This international charity event, which has already existed in Europe for many years, was initiated in France by Cyril Guénet, French Federation of Karate and Associated Disciplines (FFKDA).

For this premiere in France, the event was held in Mouroux, in the Paris region and was able to accommodate 150 participants from France and Germany but also Italy, Switzerland, Belgium and even Japan. More than twenty different disciplines were presented, from the most traditional to the most modern: karate, aikijutsu, jujitsu, SAMBO, kali, krav maga, kickboxing, MMA ... An important place was also given to the health aspect in the practice of arts martial with the interventions of specialized professionals including doctors and osteopaths.

SAMBO was represented by Frédéric Paezkiewiecz, coach at the Annecy / Rumilly club, who was able to animate two sessions on Sambo combat. During the two classes, participants were able to see numerous holds that allowed them to appreciate the huge potential and technique of Sambo. This practice allows you to share with other combat sports, both nationally and internationally.

Thanks to the success of this edition, the second edition is already scheduled the next year in France.