Paris 2024

July 11 2019

The birth of the Olympic movement, started in 1894, is celebrated annually on June 23, to promote Olympic values, as well as physical activity and sport through the concept proposed by the IOC, “Move, learn and discover”.

This event is celebrated throughout France as part of the activities of the French national Olympic Committee. It is worth noting that for many years it has been an important event for the promotion of Olympism and sports, uniting people in the framework of PARIS-2024 project.

On the occasion of this edition, the celebration took place on June 22-23 at the Place de La Concord in Paris, where Sami Zran with members of the French Sambo team, as well as SAMBO FIGHTER team of Viljuif, held a demonstration of sports, combat and beach Sambo.

This day was the opportunity to represent Sambo to a wider audience and to exchange opinions with Tony Estanguet, the Organizing Committee President for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games, and discuss the possibility of SAMBO inclusion as a demonstration sport during the Paris 2024 Olympics.