The medals of the championship of Ukraine in beach sambo were played under the sound of the surf

June 07 2019

The Beach Sambo Championship of Ukraine was held in Zatoke of the Odessa region on June 3. The Awards were played in three age groups: youths (under 16), adults (over 16) and veterans (over 45). The competition brought together 156 athletes from 15 regions.

Gennady Trostyansky, the chief referee of the competition:

— The National Beach Sambo Championship has been organized for the second time. Due to the fact that the number of participants has grown, it was decided to make not one, but two competitive arenas. Naturally, more referees were involved; last year there were only two referees, and now we invited six referees. All referees passed the seminar where one of the lectures was devoted to beach Sambo. This discipline is rather young, that is why there are always some questions on the interpretation of certain points. And yet, despite of the period of formation, this discipline is very dynamic, easy to see and spectators and participants: if the throw is done, the athlete wins. And all this happens on the beach under the gentle sound of the surf, which creates an unforgettable atmosphere.

Team standings

1. Rivne region.

2. Dnipropetrovsk region.

3. Donetsk region.


-37 kg

1. Victoria Deeva (Dnepropetrovsk region)

2. Svetlana Shevchuk (Rivne region)

3. Kira Kuzmenko (Zhytomyr region) and Diana Tanich (Donetsk region)

-43 kg

1. Milena Kukhar (Sumy region)

2. Natalia Bogush (Sumy region)

3. Daria Chigarskikh (Kherson region) and Violetta Kumechko (Zhytomyr region)

-51 kg

1. Karina Klimenchuk (Zhytomyr region)

2. Polina Storozhilova (Donetsk region)

3. Victoria Kovban (Zhytomyr region) and Alina Mironovich (Donetsk region)

-59 kg

1. Anna Deeva (Dnepropetrovsk region)

2. Victoria Fedosik (Sumy region)

3. Alena region (region)

-59 kg

1. Milana Posidyuk (Donetsk region)

2. Marina Ganzha (Khmelnitsky region)

3. Mariana Bulyk (Ternopil region) and Alexandra Protasevych (Zhytomyr region)


-38 kg

1. Dmitry Shidlovsky (Khmelnitsky region)

2. Nazar Makeshin (Lugansk region)

3. Denis Fik (Ternopil region) and Vyacheslav Petrov (Zhytomyr region)

-46 kg

1. Stepan Gontaruk (Khmelnitsky region)

2. Yegor Nikitenko (Lugansk region)

3. Bogdan Malonkin (Sumy region) and David Gorobchenko (Sumy region)

-55 kg

1. Nikolay Simonchuk (Rivne region)

2. Yegor Skrpichenko (Kharkiv region)

3. Yevgeny Makarov (Dnipropetrovsk region) and Denis Maslyuk (Sumy region)

-65 kg

1. Stanislav Kurbanov (Mykolaiv region)

2. Ivan Lyakhov (Sumy region)

3. Ilya Tukalo (Ternopil region) and Martin Zhivilo (Kiev)

-65 kg

1. Timur Samedov (Rivne region)

2. Yuri Mikhailov (Rivne region)

3. Timur Azimov (Kiev) Pavel Tereshko (Ivano-Frankivsk region)


-56 kg

1. Ivanna Popadyuk (Ternopil region)

2. Anna Shulenkova (Kharkiv region)

-64 kg

1. Anastasia Yarmola (Ternopil region)

-72 kg

1. Valeria Zakharevich (Dnipropetrovsk region)

2. Vladislav Toroptsev (Cherkasy region)

-72 kg

1. Karina Stativkina (Donetsk region)

2. Olga Mytnik (Donetsk region)

3. Tatyana Kostenko (Ternopil region)


-62 kg

1. Bogdan Prosyan (Rivne region)

2. Sergey Mikhaylenko (Lugansk region)

-74 kg

1. Alexander Chmyr (Rivne region)

2. Alexander Gorbunov (Khmelnitsky region)

3. Alexander Osipyan (Donetsk region) and Ivan Spanchek (Kherson region)

— 90 kg

1. Vadim Skripal (Kiev)

2. Timur Samedov (Rivne region)

3. Victor Danilyk (Ivano-Frankivsk region) and Yevhen Panich (Kherson region)

+90 kg

1. Boris Bilous (Odessa region)

2. Timur Azimov (Kiev)

3. Roman Voznyuk (Ivano-Frankivsk region)

Masters (veterans)

-74 kg

1. Boris Bilous (Odessa region)

2. Timur Azimov (Kiev)

3. Roman Voznyuk (Ivano-Frankivsk region)

+74 kg

1. Alexander Artyukh (Sumy region)

2. Igor Chechinov (Donetsk region)

3. Nikolay Pyshny (Kiev) and Ivan Papushenko (Odessa region)