Sambo Club Championship of France

March 13 2019

The Sambo Club Championship took place on Saturday, March 9, 2019 in Montpellier (Occitania). The championship was held according to the new form of competitions holding with two groups in sports sambo and one group in combat sambo.

This new and more attractive form of competition brought together 12 teams.

The “Union Sportive de Villejuif” team won against the competition organizer, the “Montpellier Sportif Club”, in sports sambo in the first group.

Then, in the second group in sports sambo the “Montpellier Sportif Club” team ranked first against the “Cintegabelle” team.

And finally, in the first group in combat sambo the “Paris Université Club” team won the French championship against the “Poussan” team.

Sports Sambo, 1 group

1e — Union Sportive de Villejuif Lutte et SAMBO

2e — Montpellier Sportif Club /SAMBO

3e — Paris Université Club (2)

3e — Paris Université Club (1)

Sports Sambo, 2 group

1e — Montpellier Sportif /SAMBO

2e — Cintegabelle /SAMBO

3e — Judo Atheltic Poussan

3e — Union Sportive de Villejuif Lutte et SAMBO

5e — Paris Université Club

Combat Sambo, 1 group

1e — Paris Université Club

2e — Judo Atheltic Poussan

3e — Montpellier Sportif Club/SAMBO