A Sambo training camp was held in “Sambo-70”

January 09 2019

A few days after the New Year, the traditional Sambo training camp started at Sambo-70. 730 athletes from 7 countries sent their participation forms from Kazakhstan, Belarus, France, Romania, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Germany, as well as from various regions of the Russian Federation. The training camp was staged 4 days with two trainings. It took place in a new sports complex in two shifts according to the weight categories. First, the athletes fought on the ground, then in standing position. The camp is a great opportunity to compete with different sparring partners for better preparation for the main starts. Laure Fournier, a famous French athlete, came to the training camp in Moscow, after the recent long-awaited victory at the World Sambo Championship in Romania. She noted a good level of training in Sambo-70, which was one of the keys to her success in winning the gold medal.