The international sambo tournament was held in Lunenburg

December 07 2018

The traditional international Sambo tournament, the Lower Saxony Open has been held for the 12th time in Lunenburg (Germany) on the 1st of December.

“VfL Lüneburg e.V.” club and its inspirer Oleg Derkach organised this tournament and did everything to make it a great success. Many athletes and clubs from Russia, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Germany with its 14 clubs took part in the tournament. The competition embraced all age categories from young talents of 2013 to masters.

The team competition results:

1.“SAMBO COMBAT GRYPHON e.V.” (Germany, Berlin)

2.“SAMBO 07” (Germany, Hanover)

3. “Vityaz” (Russia, Perm)