Results of the Sambo Championship in Montauban (France)

December 04 2018

147 athletes took part in Sambo competitions of Tarn and Garronne and Occitania held on December 1 in the PALIS gymnasium in Montauban (France).

The competition is organized by the Vaillante Olympique Montalbanaise under the direction of Jean-Claude Cerutti, the Sambo Tarn and Garonne Commission (led by Alain Bigou), and the Occitania Sambo Commission (led by Frank Gerard).

This championship was qualifying for the Championship of France. The bouts of the sportsmen were very tense and each of them did surely his best to advance in the competition.

Combat sambo bouts were especially colorful for the joy of public. During the day a sambo demonstration for spectators and athletes was performed by the athletes of international level.

The competitions were attended by representatives of the administration who participated in the awarding ceremony of winners and prize-winners. The refereeing of the competition was provided not only by a professional referee panel, but also with the participation of the new generation, who have gained invaluable experience, both in practice and in theory. It is worth noting the perfect assistance of 30 volunteers and a medical team; they all contributed to the successful holding of the competitions in complete safety at a high professional level.