“Berliniada-2018” was held in Germany

December 03 2018

The International sambo tournament “Berliniada-2018”, dedicated to the 80th anniversary of sambo, was held November 24-25 in Germany. 300 athletes representing 28 teams from England, Armenia, Russia, Romania, Tajikistan, Ukraine and, of course, Germany took part in the competition.

The organizers pay attention to the high level of sports competition in the tournament. Despite the titles and achievements, even the seniors had fought hard with the beginners. This is not entirely surprising in view of the fact that many sportsmen made a long way to come and each of them tried his best to advance as far as possible in the tournament. The two-day competition revealed the following winners and prize-winners according to the team event results:

1. SAMBO COMBAT GRYPHON e.V. Berlin (Berlin)

2. Sambo Lviv Federation (Ukraine)

3. SOC CHAI Gym (Berlin)