World Sambo Championship will be staged soon in Romania

October 26 2018

The World Sambo Championship will take place from 9 to 11 November in Bucharest, Romania, in the “Polyvalent Hall” Sports Palace (Bucharest, 040401, 10 Aleea Piscului str.). Athletes will meet in 9 weight categories. In total, 27 series of awards will be put into play in 3 disciplines: sports sambo among men and women and combat sambo.

We would like to emphasize that the Romanian Sambo Federation has been actively working on the popularization and sambo development at the national level. As a result, more and more athletes prefer sambo.

According to preliminary entries, 720 Sambo athletes from 77 participating countries have been already expected for the World Championship. However, there are still some entries to validate.

Preparation to the competitions is already in full swing. The organizers of the championship do their best to ensure that the World Championship will be held at the highest level.

At the moment, the technical part is finished: the decoration of the sports hall is ready, the equipment has been provided in the sports complex, the hall has been prepared for the international congress, as well as the rewards sets.

In addition, the Romanian Sambo Federation is preparing a cultural program for the participants of the championship on the historical sites and curiosities of Bucharest.

At the opening ceremony, guests and spectators of the competition will meet a brilliant Carla’s Dreams group, which gained worldwide recognition after the release of “Sub Pielea Mea (#eroina)”. The Romanian Minister of Sports Ioana Bran will be among the guests of honor at the opening ceremony.

If some of you are not able to come, you can follow the broadcast on the websites of the Russian Sambo Federation, the European Sambo Federation and FIAS.

The International Sambo Federation has officially announced the prize fund for the winners and medalists of the 2018 Sambo World Championship. The total prize of the championship, which will be held from 9 to 11 November in Bucharest will be 216 000 USD.

Prize distribution will be run according to the places occupied by the athletes: 1st place — USD 3 000; 2nd place — USD 2 000; 3rd place — USD 1 500. Total: USD 216 000.

Programme of the competition:

November 9

10:00 Preliminary bouts:

Women — 48, 60, 72 kg.

Men — 52, 68, 90 kg.

Combat Sambo — 57, 74, 100 kg.

17:00 — 18:00 Opening Ceremony.

18:00 Finals and awarding ceremony.

November 10

10:00 Preliminary bouts:

Women — 52, 64, 80 kg.

Men — 57, 74, 100 kg.

Combat Sambo — 62, 82, +100 kg.

18:00 Finals and awarding ceremony.

November 11

10:00 Preliminary bouts.

Women — 56, 68, +80 kg.

Men — 62, 82, +100 kg.

Combat Sambo — 52, 68, 90 kg.

16:00 Finals and awarding ceremony.

18:00 Closing Ceremony.

* The schedule is established according to the local time in Romania

November 08—12, 2018 World Sambo Championship Men, Women, Men (Combat)  Romania, Bucharest