European Union Sambo Cup

October 25 2018

The European Union Sambo Cup was held in Riga on September 29. This year sambo athletes from Lithuania, Germany, Italy, France and Latvia came in Latvia to take part in the Cup. According to the team competition’s results the Lithuanian sambo athletes won in three disciplines: juniors, women and in combat sambo competitions. The Latvian sambo athletes became the strongest in the men’s sambo competitions.

There was a coaching seminar in the framework of the Cup held by Arthur Korchemny, the world champion, Russia and the Baltic States champion, master of sports in combat sambo, senior coach of St. Petersburg in mixed martial arts, director and one of the coaches of the Alligator club. During the seminar both theoretical and practical parts were delivered on the mat as well as the current changes in the Sambo rules were discussed.

The seminar was held thanks to funding from the Latvian Council of Sports Federations.