Open SAMBO Championships Of Berlin Were Held In The Capital Of Germany

May 08 2018

The first Open SAMBO Championships of Berlin were held on May 5. Approximately 150 athletes representing the sports clubs of Germany and other countries of Europe took part in the tournament.

The tournament was conducted in a variety of age and weight categories: the SAMBO mats welcomed sambist from the age 5 years old. The organizers made a special mention of the strong team from Belarus. Thus, the trainees of DYUSSH “Burevestnik”, Minsk, headed by an erstwhile prominent sambist and now a coach Andrei Kurpylo, exhibited supreme skills in fights with their opponents.

SAMBO stands for friendship and international communication! It doesn’t matter what language you speak. Everyone at the tournament understands the beauty of throws, the thirst for victory and the bitterness of the defeat. Everyone was speaking the same language, the language of SAMBO, — shared his impressions Andrei Gertsen, one of the German coaches.

The Berlin club “SAMBO COMBAT GRYPHON e.V” was acting as an organizer of the event. Remarkably, not only did it provide the premises and all the conditions for the competitions, but it also surprised the participants with the enthusiasm shown by the parents of the club members. Thus, following the tournament, they set a huge table laden with the homemade delicacies only.

Winners in the team standings of the first Open Championships of Berlin


2. DYUSSH “Burevestnik”, Minsk (Belarus)

3. “SAMBO 007”, Hanover (Germany)

The prize for the best techniques was given to Egor Drozd, trainee of the DYUSSH “Burevestnik”, Minsk (Belarus).