The British Open in Sports Sambo was held in Folkestone

April 29 2018

This years British Sport Sambo event was held at the Ballroom of the Burston Hotel. This Hotel is near Folkestone Harbour and beach and made an ideal venue for those wishing to make the British Open a weekend experience

The Ballroom was a luxurious venue far removed from the normal clinical Sports centre, the event was organised by English Sambo President Colin Carrott ably assisted by National Coach John Clarke and Keith Costa plus we must not forget all the other officials who officiated without whom the competition could not run.

The event was very well supported with players from all over England, Scotland, N Ireland, Germany, Holland and Ghana plus there were many Eastern Europeans who now live in the UK.

The Senior Men’s event was very well supported, plus we had an unusual amount of Masters participating, sadly the Women’s event had very low entry, the BSF need to make a determined effort to encourage more women. The Cadets 11 year to 14 years was very poorly attended and next year will be dropped from the event, National Coach John Clarke has said if there is a demand for a British Championships for Cadets he will run an event at his Club.

There featured some tremendous matches with some really big throws and submissions and lots of surprises. Ashley Costa came out of retirement to win Gold in the Masters Event and was awarded throw of the day. The throw of the day is awarded to the Gold medallist who performed the best throw.

Jonathon Heron (Cheshire Sambo) Northern Ireland Army Doctor was back on the scene and won Gold in the Senior Men’s event, Georgi Goergiev (Cheshire Sambo) the Veteran Coach/Fighter won Gold in the Masters and the Seniors keeping up his continual winning record. Billy Wilshire (Fightworx) has been improving over the last few years, training at various venues, always turning up Squad session as well as entering many events home and abroad, this proved a dividend when he won the Gold medal in style.

There were two shock defeats first was Tom Burton (Cheshire Sambo) a top Class Judo and Sambo Player who was expected to take Gold that was until he met James Rogers (Team Mushin) whom specialises in arm locks and leg locks . Tom was dominating the match but when they went to the ground he was caught with a Leglock, the same happened in the Finals to 18-year-old Lewis Clarke (one of the Clarke dynasty) Warriors Grappling Academy who succumbed to the Leg Lock.

The next favourite was Ryan Cottom Warriors Grappling Academy who was matched against a very strong German Jannik Wezill when the match finished they both had 1 point each but the German had a positive point while Ryan’s point was a negative point so therefor he lost the match.

This event was used as a selection process for Sport Sambo Players for those who wish to be considered for International Events. The World Master are not restricted to one fighter per country per weight so all Masters Competitors will allowed to enter the World Masters in Morocco in October. The World Seniors in Romania in November the BSF have selected the following:

Men u74kg Billy Wilshire (Fightworx)

Men u90kg James Rogers (Team Mushin)

Men u82kg Ryan Cottom (Warriors Grappling Academy)

Men u100kg Jonathon Heron (Cheshire Sambo)

Combat Sambo Players for World Seniors will be selected at the British Open Combat Sambo event to be held in Scotland in June. All those selected will be registered with FIAS through Colin Carrott

The Presidents Cup will be held in September in Belfast, the organisers have yet to decide whether we have a British Team or teams from Scotland, England and Northern Ireland

British Sambo has come a long way since I formed the British Sombo Federation in 1986 and there is more to come

The results of the competition are here.