We are obliged with a great sadness to inform you of the tragic passing of Alexei Rybakov

April 19 2018

The European Sambo Federation informs you with regret that on April 16 Aleksey Rybakov suddenly died at the age of 67 during the European Sambo Championship Youth and Juniors in Prague.

Since 1978 Aleksey Rybakov worked as a sambo coach in the “Sports School for Sambo and Judo” in the city of Cheboksary.

During all these years Aleksey Rybakov had made a significant contribution to the education and training of a large galaxy of Sambo wrestlers, including 15 masters of sports, 5 masters of sports of the international class of the USSR and Russia.

All these years he had taken an active part in the refereeing of many All-Russian and international competitions.

For many years of his devoted work Alexey Rybakov was awarded by Honorary Sports Ranks — honored coach of the Chuvash Republic and the Russian Federation, referee of the international category of extra class in sambo.

The European Sambo Federation expresses its heartfelt condolences to the bereaved family, sambo community of Russia in connection with this tragic loss.