WADA 2019 Prohibited list of pharmacological substances

October 08 2018

WADA 2019 Prohibited list of pharmacological substances (PDF, 625.4 KБ)

FIAS TUE Application Form.pdf (PDF, 200.9 KБ)

WADA Guidelines Therapeutic Use Exemption (English).pdf (PDF, 345.4 KБ)

WADA International Standard for Therapeutic Use Exemption (English).pdf (PDF, 694.4 KБ)

General Guidelines Therapeutic Use Exemption (TUE)

We would like to kindly remind you that if you need to take any medication/treatment which is on WADA’s Prohibited List, you shall submit a Therapeutic Use Exemption (TUE) application to your National Anti-Doping Organization or directly to FIAS if the athlete holds the FIAS license and participate at the international SAMBO events. Please find below the most important information related to TUE:

— If the International Athlete does not already have a TUE granted by his/her National Anti-Doping Organisation (NADO), she/he may apply directly to the FIAS.

— If the Athlete already has a TUE granted for national-level competition by his/her NADO, that TUE is automatically valid for international-level competition and it is not necessary to apply to the FIAS for the recognition. Nevertheless, this TUE has to be submitted to FIAS before the event.

— TUE applications are sent to the FIAS (anti-doping@sambo-fias.com) by the Athlete or through the Athlete’s National Federation no less than 30 days before approval is needed (i.e. competition). If this is not possible, the urgent basis of the application should be indicated.

— Please note that from 1st of January 2015 based on FIAS Anti-Doping Rules we do not accept the retroactive TUE applications except in the cases mentioned in article 4.3 of the International Standard for Therapeutic Use Exemptions (ISTUE).

  • The initiative of renewal of a granted TUE is under the athlete’s responsibility!

For the following event shall be sent the application form to the FIAS no less than 30 days before the competition starts:

  • February / 21.-24.
    Belarus / Minsk
    International tournament for prizes of president of Belarus
  • March / 21.-24.
    Russia / Moscow
    World Cup — Kharlampiev Memorial
  • April / 20.-22.
    Russia / Kaliningrad
    Cup of Baltic countries
  • April / 26.-29.
    Russia / Vladivostok
    Y. Potapov Memorial
  • May / 16.-20.
    Spain / Gijon
    European SAMBO Championships 2019
  • May / 24.-26.
    France / Paris
    Grand Prix of Paris
  • June / 13.-17.
    Morocco / Casablanca
    African SAMBO Championships 2019
  • June 27 / July 1
    Dominican Republic / Santo Domingo
    Pan-American SAMBO Championships 2019
  • June 29 / July 2
    Kazakhstan / Astana
    International tournament for prizes of president of Kazakhstan — category A
  • July / 12.-14.
    Chinese Taipei / Taichung
    Asian SAMBO Championships 2019
  • August / 16.-19.
    Russia / Kstovo
    Memorial of M. Burdikov
  • September
    Moldova / Chisinau
    A. Doga Memorial
  • October / 5.-6.
    Russia / Kazan
    International Tournament for prizes of president of Tatarstan
  • October / 4.-7.
    Uzbekistan / Tashkent
    Youth and Junior World SAMBO Championships 2019
  • November / 07.-11.
    Korea / Seoul
    World SAMBO Championships 2019

Athletes belonging to the FIAS Registered Testing Pool or FIAS testing pool must apply for a TUE not only for the above-mentioned events, but at all times in case that they need to take a substance or use a method mentioned on the WADA Prohibited List 2019.

Please don´t hesitate to contact us (anti-doping@sambo-fias.com) if you need any further explanation to the TUE.