Dutch Open Sambo Championships hosted a record number of countries and athletes

April 13 2018

From all corners of the world, a record number of countries were represented on Saturday, March 10 at the XXVII Dutch Open Championships of Sambo and Combat Sambo.

Contestants from Russia, France, Germany, Switzerland, Brasil, Lithuania, Belgium, The Netherlands, Great-Britain, USA, Canada, Ghana, Sri Lanka as well as India were present in Dalfsen (Overijssel) to fight for the medals. The Trefkoele was bursting at the seams and the eclectic company of athletes, coaches, trainers and supporters made for a great atmosphere in which fair play and sportsmanship were of the utmost importance.

The ever increasing passion and fraternisation is what characterises both the audience and the contestants of the sport.

Needless to say, Hendrik Jan Ningbers, founder and chairman of the Dutch Sambo Federation, is very proud of what all volunteers and contestants have shown and done. Together with his successor and son, Frank Ningbers, he enjoyed this day to the fullest. It shows, in every aspect, that the sport is increasing in both growth and popularity. In addition to the ever growing groups for male juniors and seniors, the women’s branch of the sport is also showing an increased number of contestants signing up.

The Dutch Sambo Federation, together with several clubs, is even hard at work to promote and shape adapted  Sambo (which is an amazing martial art for mentally or physically disabled challenged athletes) even further than they have already done. Practitioners of other martial arts are also discovering the great aspects of Sambo in increasing numbers.

The very next day, a training session was organised to end the open championship in style, one at which the Sambo practitioners from across the borders were present in huge numbers. People trained hard with each other, skills and experiences were exchanged, athletes taught each other and, above all, people had fun! A perfect ending to a perfect sporty weekend! We can look back with pride at a successful and wonderfully engaged tournament. Many thanks go out to all the people who keep sambo close to their hearts, the organisation and board, the Trefkoele, the communities of Ommen and Dalfsen, the members, all volunteers, coaches, partners and sponsors and of course, last but not least, all passionate sambo athletes., said Hendrik Jan Ningbers.

Photos of the Dutch Open Sambo Championships 2018

Championships results: http://www.budopromotionommen.nl/wp-content/uploads/2018/03/Sambo.pdf