The first day of the European Sambo Championship starts in Prague

April 13 2018

The first day of the European Sambo Championship starts in Prague. Athletes will compete in the following weight categories: 48, 60, 75 kg (youth, M) 40, 52, 65 kg (youth, W) 48, 62, 82 kg (juniors, M) 44, 56, 68 kg (juniors, W).

Preliminary bouts begin at 10.00 followed by the semi-finals. Then, there is a break for lunch. The evening part of the competition begins at 17.00, as well as the opening and the final bout for the first place. Online broadcasting of the finals will be available on the federation’s website.

We would like to remind that yesterday 290 sambo wrestlers came in Prague from 25 countries of Europe: Armenia, Ukraine, Russia, Bulgaria, Georgia, Belarus, Latvia, Lithuania, Israel, Azerbaijan, Moldova, France, Serbia, the Netherlands, Germany, Czech Republic, Greece, Romania, Estonia, Belgium, Macedonia, Great Britain, Spain, Croatia and Poland.

April 12—16, 2018 European Sambo Championship among Youth and Juniors Junior, Junior women, Youth men, Youth women  Czech Republic, Prague