About The World Sambo Cup’s venue in 2018 from Sergey Eliseev

March 15 2018

“The World Sambo Cup ‘Memorial of A. Kharlampiev’ is the first big competition to be held in 2018 in Moscow.

We are going to hold this tournament in the center of Sports and Education ‘Sambo — 70’. This venue was selected with purpose.

First, It is not possible to organize the World Cup in LUZHNIKI because the dates are intercrossed with the selections of the football championship.

It is forbidden to stage two international tournaments in the same venue according to the rules.

Moreover, we decided to show sambo center to the foreign participants. Namely, for that reason the palace of sports had been built many years ago and now it has been actively used by the Moscow Sambo Federation.

Besides all this, we would like to demonstrate to international colleagues how sambo has been developing in Russia. Heads of federations and athletes will have a chance to see the school’s functioning and the training process. Several tours around the school are foreseen for the delegations. I hope that it will be interesting to them.

Also, I would like to highlight that the World Sambo Cup is a part of the ranking list competitions influencing the selection to the II edition of the European Games 2019 in Minsk. This is why we expect a huge number of participants from 30 countries.

We also remind that on the eve of the Word Sambo Cup the Referees’ seminar will be staged in ‘Sambo — 70’.”

Иваницкая Марья
March 22—25, 2018 World Cup Memorial A. Kharlampiev Men, Women, Men (Combat)  Russia, Moscow