The European Sambo Championship 2017 gathered more than 300 athletes in Minsk

May 18 2017

Today is the official day for arrival of sports delegations to the European Sambo Championship.

The continental championship gathered 29 member countries in the capital of the Republic of Belarus! More than 300 athletes will take part in the competition representing the following countries: Armenia, Austria, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bulgaria, Hungary, Holland, Germany, Greece, Georgia, Israel, Spain, Italy, Cyprus, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Moldova, Poland, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, Turkey, Ukraine, Finland, France, Croatia, Switzerland, and Estonia.

The competition begins tomorrow in the Palace of Sports of Minsk; it is the main sambo start in the year. 9 sets of medals will be played in the first day in weight categories of 52, 68, 90 kg for men (sports sambo), 48, 60, 72 kg for women and in 57, 74, 100 kg in combat sambo.

May 18—22, 2017 European Sambo Championship Men, Women, Men (Combat)  Belarus, Minsk