The Russian sambo athletes are challenged by the Byelorussians

January 14 2017

Face the challenge!

Get involved and take up the challenge together with us!

Visit and register on (, post your video to the group

The best videos will be shown on MatchTV in the news and also in the program “Everybody goes to a match”. Do not miss a show with the Byelorussians tomorrow on in “Sambo time”.

The conditions:

— There should be an initial phrase as “We or I have taken up the challenge from our Byelorussian athletes” followed by activities and throws.

-Be creative! The final phrase of your video should be like “Join the SportKomanda”!

— Minimize camera shake (phone or tablet) and put it horizontally!

Let’s gather 1000, 10 000 or even more than 20 000 challenge responses!