The overweight Serbian sambist catch an eye of Serbian media after winning a silver medal on European championship

May 30 2016

After the last years breakthrough of Sambo as a sport in Serbia, the interest of people for it just keeps growing. An eye of Serbian’s sport media this time cought the overweight champion Vladimir Gajic after winning his first European medal just two weeks ago. How much did actually attracted the attention Vladimirs result, says the very fact that more than 20 Internet portals and newspapers conveyed the news in the first 12 hours.

" I’d really like that people in Serbia and in the world begin to watch Sambo as we fighters see it. I believe that this sport is extremely exciting and unpredictable. I feel extremely proud to be able to represent my country in this sport in the best way, but also, it gives me great pleasure that i can participate with my teammates in the construction of Sambo in Serbia. It is well known that our country is the country of sports, and I think it’s just a matter of time before Sambo is found side by side with all the sports in the Olympic Committee of Serbia." — Vladimir told us.

This fighter is a permanent member of the national team for high number of years, and so far it has rubbed off on the medal maybe too many times. On this long-awaited medal for Serbian sambo, on which Vladimir worked very hard, and how he himself told a for a Serbian televisions, this is his only incentive to continue to work even harder and thet he is looking forward for the world championship in Sofia in november.

May 12—16, 2016 European championship among adults (M &W, sports and combat sambo) Men, Women, Men (Combat)  Russia, Kazan