The Executive Committee in Burgas

September 08 2014

President of continental federation Sergey Elissev congratulated the federations on long-expecting event — sambo inclusion into the official programme of the First European Games in Baku 2015.

The tournament will be held among men in the following weight categories: 57 kg, 74 kg, 90 kg, +100 kg, and among women as well, the weight categories are as follows: 52 kg, 60 kg, 64 kg, and 68 kg. The selection will be based on the results of the European Sambo Championship 2014 held in Romania.

The key issue on the agenda was the approval of ESF sports competition calendar for the period of 2014-2017 years.

Zagreb (Croatia), Kazan (Russia) and Prague (The Czech Republic) will host the European Sambo Championships in the upcoming years. The Championships among youth and juniors will be organised in Novi-Sad (Serbia) in 2015, and later in Toulouse (France) and Turkey.

The system of world cups’ conduct is going to be changed. There will be the single World Cup in the year, scheduled for March 2015 in Moscow.

The sports calendar of the official sambo competitions was delivered by Sergey Eliseev at FIAS Executive Board session, held one day before.

“We propose to change the system of world cups’ conduct, instead of four world cup stages per year we are going to organiseunited tournament”. Within two days athletes will compete individually, and on the third day they will perform in team competitions". Sergey Eliseev also said that the situation was studied and it was revealed that the majority of athletes took part in the World Cup Stage in Moscow, Memorial A. Kharlampiev. As a result, it is a good reason to prepare the World Cup within March 26-30, 2015 in Moscow. This motion was approved by the FIAS EB. The World Cup Stages held in Almaty, Caracas will be kept in the international calendar with a new status of category A.

There will be a World Cup in 2015 in the calendar of the European Sambo Federation since 2015. The new competition is scheduled for Madrid (Spain).

Besides, the ESF EC took into consideration the changes in rules made by the FIAS EB. The main differences in rules are as follows: victory by superiority with 8 points, time of repercharge reduced to 3 minutes, time for medical help slipped to 2 minutes.

Members of ESF EC consider that these latest innovations will improve the quality of sambo wrestling and make the competitions more dynamic and spectacular.