9th World Games in Kali (Colombia)

August 01 2013

From July, 25 till August, 4 the 9th World Games by the International World Games Association (IWGA) are holding in Kali (Colombia). Sambo (as well as Futsal and Kudo) included to the official program of the World Games as the presentational sports.

Sambo performances at the World Games will held in Buga, another Colombian city. On August, 1st and 2nd the exibitional bouts of the adult and young sambo players, master-classes will take place. And also competition matches of the national teams of Colombia, Russia and Venezuela will held.

Sambo performances (only the sport sambo included to the program of the World Games) will held in seven weight categories: two for women (up to 52 kg and up to 56 kg) and five for men (up to 57 kg, up to 62 kg, up to 68 kg, up to 74 kg and up to 82 kg).

Russian national team representing European continent at the 9th World Games will compete in Buga with the sportsmen listed below:
Anna Kharitonova (up to 52 kg), Diana Alieva (up to 56 kg), Igor Beglerov (up to 57 kg), Aslan Mudranov (up to 62 kg), Evgeniy Sukhomlinov (up to 68 kg), Nikita Kletskov (up to 74 kg) and Sergey Ryabov (up to 82 kg).