27th Summer Universiade (World Students Games)

July 05 2013

A large-scale project of the Summer Universiade 2013, the Torch Relay, is coming to an end. The main symbol of the 27th World University Games has arrived in Kazan!

Behind are 359 days of travel, across 51 cities, and across five parts of the world. The fire was lit in Paris, the birthplace of the Games.

The Flame was transported on planes, trains, cars, roller skates, bikes, toboggan sleds, and sailed on the water. Thanks to the unique metal miner’s lantern, the Flame was not extinguished even for a moment during the whole long route.

On January 25, the miner’s lantern, after a trip on the ship Sedov, was brought to Russia, to Vladivostok, over 8,000 km from Kazan.

Today, the main symbol of the Games, after being carried by Torchbearers across all Russia, and having visited 30 major cities, is in the Universiade Museum, located in the Universiade Village, and now most of its inhabitants can see it up close.

The Flame will complete its journey tomorrow, July 6, at the Kazan Arena Stadium. Here at 9:30 p.m. will start the Opening Ceremony of the 27th World University Summer Games.

Source: official website of the 27th Summer Universiade

July 13—17, 2013 XXVII World Students Games (Universiade) Men, Women, Junior, Junior women  Russia, Kazan