Russian Sambo championship 2013

March 11 2013

By the results of Russian Sambo Championship (held in Khabarovsk on March, 7-10) men national teams for the participation in the World and European Championships-2013 are formed.

The best in order of weight categories on the competitions in Khabarovsk are: Igor Beglerov (up to 52 kg), Aimergen Atkunov (up to 57 kg), Ilya Khlybov (up to 62 kg), Evgeniy Sukhomlinov (up to 68 kg), Ali Kurzhev (up to 74 kg), Sergey Ryabov (up to 82 kg), Arsen Handzhyan (up to 90 kg), Vyacheslav Mikhaylin (up to 100 kg), Evgeniy Isaev (over 100 kg). All of winners of Russian Championship got the right to play at the World Championship-2013 in Saint Petersburg (Russia) on November, 21-25.

medalists of Russian Championship —
Vasiliy Karaulov (up to 52 kg), Albert Mongush (up to 57 kg), Aslan Mudranov (up to 62 kg), Nikita Kletskov (up to 68 kg), Uali Kurzhev (up to 74 kg), Mikhail Polyanskov (up to 82 kg), Pavel Rumyantsev (up to 90 kg), Artem Osipenko (up to 100 kg), Vitaliy Minakov (over 100 kg) — included in the roster of the national team for the participation in the European Championship-2013 in Crema (Italy) on May, 17-21.