2nd Ukrainian Combat Games held in Brovary

December 26 2012

In the middle of December 2nd Ukrainian Combat Games (UCG) held in Brovary, on the Ice Hockey Arena.

The competition program of UCG raises from 8 disciplines in 2011 and now includes 11 disciplines of martial arts: sumo, alysh, jiu jitsu (fighting), karate (kumite), kickboxing (light contact), muay thai, pankration, ushu taolu, ushu sanda, free fight (real fight) and sambo.

Sambo tournament in UCG held in weight category up to 74 kg. Tigran Kazaryan became the winner of this tournament. The prize-winners you can see below:

1. Tigran KAZARYAN
3. Ivan EFANOV and Nikita TISHCHENKO