11 winners of the Lithuanian University championship will take part in WC among students72 So

November 15 2012

One month before the start of the Sambo World Cup among students (Kazan, Russia, November 30 — December 3) Lithuanian University championship has been held.

Winners in men individual competitions in order of weight categories are: Georgij Zaicev (up to 52 kg), Tomas Mazgeika (up to 57 kg), Mindaugas Sadauskas (up to 62 kg), Vytautas Skilinskas (up to 68 kg), Valdas Kanapeckas (up to 74 kg), Vytautas Buzas (up to 82 kg), Radvilas Matukas (up to 90 kg), Marius Labalaukis (up to 100 kg), Kliment Olechnovic (over 100 kg).

Dovile Mazgeikaite (up to 48 kg), Ruta Aksionova (up to 52 kg), Anastasija Michailova (up to 56 kg), Meda Blazaityte (up to 60 kg), Veslava Boreiko (up to 64 kg), Aurelija Sukyte (up to 68 kg), Giedre Sileikaite (up to 72 kg), Gintare Klisyte (up to 80 kg), Karina Bickute (over 100 kg) won gold medals in women individual competitions.

Team classification (men): 1. Vilniaus Gedimino Techical University — 65 points. 2. Mykolo Romerio University — 61. 3. Vilniaus University — 49,5.
Team classification (women): 1. Lietuvos Sporto University — 73 points. 2. Vilniaus University — 68,5. 3. Mykolo Romerio University — 57,5.

11 winners of the Lithuanian University championship included to the national student team for the participating in the World Cup among students in Kazan: Georgij Zaicev, Tomas Mazgeika, Valdas Kanapeckas, Radvilas Matukas, Dovile Mazgeikaite, Ruta Aksionova, Anastasija Michailova, Meda Blazaityte, Aurelija Sukyte, Gintare Klisyte and Karina Bickute.

In other weight categories Lithuania at the WC among students will be represented by Egidijus Cerniauskas (up to 62 kg), Donatas Karlonas (up to 68 kg), Anton Barlit (up to 82 kg), Mantas Marozas (up to 100 kg), Zigmas Peciulis (over 100 kg) in men tournament, Ieva Mikulionyte (up to 64 kg) and Elvyra Lukauskaite (up to 72 kg) — in women competitions.

It is necessary to note that Radvilas Matukas and Karina Bickute have won bronze medals in the recent World Sambo championship in Minsk (Belarus), and Meda Blazaityte got the gold of the European championships among youth and juniors this year in Bukharest (Romania).

Source: (www.sambo.lt)

November 30—03, 2012 World Cup among students Men, Women  Russia, Kazan