Two forced substitutions in the Russian men sambo team

November 07 2012

Two forced substitutions took place in the Russian national sambo team before departuring to the World Championship.

Dmitriy Troshkin, head coach of the Russian men team said that Artem Osipenko (up to 100 kg) and Evgeniy Isaev (over 100 kg), leaders of national team in heavy weight categoties couldn’t take place in the main tournament of season due to injures. As a substitutions Alsim Chernoskulov, 2-time World champion, and Maksim Shiryaev, bronze medalist of the European Championship-2012 in Moscow, included to the Russian men sambo team.

36th World Sambo Championships on sport and combat sambo will held in Minsk (Belarus) on November, 8th—12th, 2012.

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November 08—12, 2012 XXXVI World Sports and Combat Sambo Championships adults Men, Women, Men (Combat)  Belarus, Minsk