Invitation to the WC stage on prizes of A.Aslakhanov

August 24 2012
To President
National Sambo Federation


Dear Mr. President,

The All Russian Sambo Federation has the honor to extend the invitation to your Federation to participate in the Sambo World Cup Stage International Tournament for general Aslakhanov prizes. The competitions will be held for men and women in Sports Sambo and men in Combat Sambo starting September 30 through October 3, 2012 in Moscow (Russia) in Ivan Yarygin Sports Palace (ul. Aviamotornaya 40).


September 30 Day of arrival

11.00–17.00 Mandate commission, accreditation
17.00–18.00 Weigh-in : Men — 52, 62, 74, 90, +100 kg
Women — 48, 56, 64, 72, +80 kg
Men (Combat Sambo) — 62, 82, 100 kg
18.00–19.00 Referees
and Team Representatives Meeting

October 1
10.00–16.00 Competitions
in the following weight categories (Yarygin Sports Palace)
Men — 52, 62, 74, 90, +100 kg
Women — 48, 56, 64, 72, +80 kg
Men (Combat Sambo) — 62, 82, 100 kg

10.30–11.30 Weigh-in
Men —
57, 68, 82, 100 kg
Women — 52, 60, 68, 80 kg

18.00 Opening Ceremony
18.40 Super-Finals: men, women
Awarding ceremony of winners and prize-winners.

October 2
10.00–16.00 Competitions
in the following weight categories:
Men — 57, 68, 82, 100 kg
Women — 52, 60, 68, 80 kg
17.00 Super-Finals: men, women in Sports Sambo, men in Combat Sambo
Awarding ceremony of winners and prize-winners

October 3
Departure of the delegations

Financial terms
Team composition: __ persons, among them: 1 head of the delegation, 1 coach, ___ athletes (_ men, _ women in Sports Sambo; __ Combat Sambo).The costs of accommodation and meals at the competition are at the charge of the organizing committee. Transportation costs to the venue and back are at the expense of the participating nation. Arrival of athletes and guests above fixed quota are at the expense of the participating nations, and costs $100 USD per day for each person. Athlete’s right of access is only possible at the presence of the license book paid for the year of 2011 (costs of the license book is $25 USD). Each participating county has obligatory to bring with it the country’s flag and anthem.

The participation form and the quantity of the delegation are to be sent to the address of the organizing committee before September 1, 2012.

Organizing Committee: All Russian Sambo Federation tel./fax: + 7 (495) 725 46 83, tel.: +7 (499) 557-04-46, e-mail:,

This invitation is the official invitation for the Sambo World Cup Stage.

P.S. If the members of your delegation need to be provided with the visa support to come to Russia, you are to send for to the All Russian Sambo Federation the following details: a copy of passport, a period of stay for visa and also precise the name of the city where the Consulate is situated in order to apply for visa.

Yours Faithfully,
All Russian Sambo Federation

September 30—03, 2012 World Cup stage in prizes of A.Aslakhanov Men, Women, Men (Combat)  Russia, Moscow