Rewarding of winners and prize-winners of the World Cup-2011

October 26 2011

In the beginning of October in Moscow has passed traditional international tournament on sambo-wrestling on prizes of Aslambek Aslakhanov, being the final stage of the World Cup. After the Moscow tournament have been summed up the World Cup results, winners and prize-winners of competitions are certain.

Ceremony of rewarding of winners and prize-winners of the World Cup-2011 takes place in the World Championship on sports and combat sambo which there will pass in Vilnius (Lithuania) from November 10 till November 14th.

For winners and prize-winners of the World Cup, representing Russia, but not got in national team on the World Championship, ceremony of rewarding takes place on the Cup of Russia in a Kstovo (Nizhniy Novgorod region) on November 23rd-27th, 2011.

September 30—03, 2011 World Cup stage in prizes of A.Aslakhanov Men, Women, Men (Combat)  Russia, Moscow