The strongest sambo-wrestlers gather in Vilnius

November 09 2011

Sports delegations from the different countries arrives in capital of Lithuania where from November 10 till November 14th will pass 35th World Sambo Championship.

The national team of Armenia will be presented in the World Championship by ten sportsmen. In tournament on combat sambo will fight Musheg Akobyan (a weight category up to 62 kg), Vachik Vardanyan (up to 68 kg) and Mavrik Nasibyan (up to 82 kg). In competitions on sports sambo at men will take part Tigran Kirakosyan (up to 52 kg), Martin Mirzoyan(up to 62 kg), Andranik Nagdalyan (up to 68 kg), Ashot Danielyan (up to 74 kg), Akob Arakelyan (up to 100 kg), at women — Ruzanna Sargsyan (up to 48 kg) and Anna Gevorkyan (up to 60 kg).

It is necessary to note, that Vachik Vardanyan and Ashot Danielyan are operating World Champions and in Vilnius will defend your titles.

Azerbaijan delegates on the World Championship six fighters which will act in competitions on sports sambo: Islam Gasymov (up to 57 kg), Javidan Garayev (up to 62 kg), Elgun Muslimov (up to 68 kg), Samir Karimov (up to 74 kg), Elchi Ramazanov (up to 82 kg) and Zaur Pashayev (up to 90 kg).

In roster of Romanian team are two athletes, but both already won medals of the largest international tournaments. Valery Tighinyanu (up to 68 kg) is the bronze medalist of “adult” European Championship-2011 on combat sambo, and Andrei Boeldu (up to 82 kg) has won medals of World youth Championships on sports sambo.

There are titled sportsmen in national teams of Baltic republics — Estonia and Latvia. Estonians connect the basic hopes for medals with three representatives of combat sambo — Alexander Fedorov (up to 74 kg), Ilya Drovnyashin (up to 82 kg) and Denis Smoldarev (over 100 kg). Besides in tournament on sports sambo will act Vadim Fomin (up to 62 kg), Eric Kangur (up to 74 kg) and Alexander Marmelyuk (up to 90 kg).

National team of Latvia represent European champion-2011 on combat sambo Arthur Chernjavskis (up to 74 kg) and his brother Vladislav (up to 82 kg), as well as the three athletes acting in competitions on sports sambo: Martins Lukins (up to 90 kg), Felix Belousov (up to 100 kg) at men and Linda Tsyrtsane (up to 60 kg) at women.

In the German delegation on the World Championship six sportsmen will fight in competitions on combat sambo: Rasim Lemberanskij (up to 68 kg), Paul Lening (up to 74 kg), Timo Valentine Dau (up to 82 kg), Petar Pantelic (up to 90 kg), Peter Lepp (up to 100 kg) and Alexander Petrajtis (over 100 kg). Also Petrajtis is declared on the tournament on sports sambo in a superheavyweight category. Besides in Vilnius will act Janette Peters (up to 56 kg) in female tournament and Rafael Voigt (up to 74 kg) — in man’s.

November 10—14, 2011 XXXV World Sports and Combat Sambo Championships adults Men, Women, Men (Combat)  Lithuania, Vilnius