Belarus and Ukraine: a campaign for medals

November 10 2011

Traditionally the main favorites of the World Sambo Championship, which will start in Vilnius on November 11th, are national teams of Belarus and Ukraine.

The Belarus team does the basic rate on the masters of sports sambo-wrestling. In the World Championship one of sambo-leaders countries will not be presented only in two weight categories at women — up to 48 and up to 56 kg. But in general the roster of the team can be named optimum.
Marina Zharskaya (up to 52 kg), Katsiaryna Prakapenka (up to 60 kg), Anzhela Paim-Kraskovskaya (up to 64 kg), Irina Amelyanava (up to 68 kg), Mariya Kuzniatsova (up to 72 kg), Elizaveta Maiseenka (up to 80 kg), Yuliya Barysik (over 80 kg).
Andrey Kurlypo (up to 52 kg), Ivan Aniskevich (up to 57 kg), Igor Sedoy (up to 62 kg), Dmitry Bazylev (up to 68 kg), Stsiapan Papou (up to 74 kg), Magomed Abdulganilov (up to 82 kg), Andrey Kazusionak (up to 90 kg), Eugeniy Siomachkin (up to 100 kg), Yury Rybak (over 100 kg).

In tournament on combat sambo in Vilnius Belarus will be precisely represented by Maxim Osadchy in a weight category up to 62 kg. Besides it was planned to make an application on participation of Arthur Korchevny (up to 82 kg) in World Championship.

Before departure in capital of Lithuania the Belarus national team has lead final gathering on Olympic training center in Stayki where was stay since October 30th. The headquarter of a team prefers don’t talk about medal expectations of their sportsmen in the World Championship, but apparently, that anyone from Belarus wrestlers will apply for prize-winning places in the weight category.

The national team of Ukraine has arrived to Vilnius even more representative delegation. In competitions on combat sambo ukrainians will fight as a full equipe from nine person, and in tournament on sports sambo they have a shortage of participants only in two weight categories — up to 52 kg at men and over 80 kg at women.
Combat sambo
Sergii Cherniy (up to 52 kg), Sergii Hluschenko (up to 57 kg), Nazariy Vinnyk (up to 62 kg), Igor Severin (up to 68 kg), Maksym Dyadyura (up to 74 kg), Oleksandr Turovskiy(up to 82 kg), Oleksandr Kolomiyets (up to 90 kg), Igor Zadernovskiy (up to 100 kg), Grygoriy Kuzmenko (over 100 kg).
Sports sambo
Oleksiy Poltavtsev (up to 57 kg), Andriy Kashtanov (up to 62 kg), Tegran Kazarian (up to 68 kg), Dmitriy Babiychuk (up to 74 kg), Viktor Savinov (up to 82 kg), Ivan Vasilchuk(up to 90 kg), Yaroslav Rytko (up to 100 kg), Zurab Rukhadze (over 100 kg).
Olena Kunitska (up to 48 kg), Mariya Ostapiuk (up to 52 kg), Olena Shevchuk (up to 56 kg), Olena Sayko (up to 60 kg), Nadezhda Gerasimenko (up to 64 kg), Viktoriya Denisenko (up to 68 kg), Tetiyana Savenko (up to 72 kg), Svetlana Gotfrid (up to 80 kg).

The national team of Ukraine have finished preparation for the World Championship by week training gathering on Olympic center in Koncha-Zaspe near Kiev and has arrived to the Lithuanian capital in raising emotions. Ukrainian wrestlers, many of which already have the award of the World and European championships, are measured to fill up their medal collections in Vilnius.

November 10—14, 2011 XXXV World Sports and Combat Sambo Championships adults Men, Women, Men (Combat)  Lithuania, Vilnius