Russia in the World Championship in Lithuania: 27 medal hopes

November 11 2011

Russian national team will fight in the World Championship in Vilnius as full strength: nine participants in all three types of the program — sports (men and women) and combat sambo-wrestling.

The roster of the Russian team in the World Championship looks as follows.

Sports sambo
Maria Molchanova (weight category up to 48 kg), Susanna Mirzoyan (up to 52 kg), Tatyana Zenchenko (up to 56 kg), Olesya Kondratyeva (up to 60 kg), Olga Usoltseva (up to 64 kg), Marina Kormiltseva (up to 68 kg), Svetlana Galyant (up to 72 kg), Natalia Kazantseva (up to 80 kg), Elena Khakimova (over 80 kg).

Valery Soronokov (up to 52 kg), Roman Kozlov (up to 57 kg), Vitaly Uin (up to 62 kg), Sergey Shibanov (up to 68 kg), Uali Kurzhev (up to 74 kg), Vladimir Prikazchikov (up to 82 kg), Alsim Chernoskulov (up to 90 kg), Artem Osipenko (up to 100 kg), Vitaly Minakov (over 100 kg).

Combat sambo
Anatoly Stishak
(up to 52 kg), Ulvi Shirinli (up to 57 kg), Ivan Davidenko (up to 62 kg), Maksim Kuptsov (up to 68 kg), Shamil Gasankhanov (up to 74 kg), Aleksey Ivanov (up to 82 kg), Islam Abazov (up to 90 kg), Viktor Nemkov (up to 100 kg), Kirill Sidelnikov (over 100 kg).

Before each of 27 sportsmen the task in view — to get the medal of the World Championship. Besides in tournament on combat sambo Russians are measured to win not less than five gold medals. And the man’s team on sports sambo wants to win first place in all-team classification.

November 10—14, 2011 XXXV World Sports and Combat Sambo Championships adults Men, Women, Men (Combat)  Lithuania, Vilnius