Ukraine would like to host the European and World championships

December 02 2011

On the FIAS congress, taken place Vilnius before start of 35th World championship, the Ukrainian sambo Federation has made an application on carrying out two largest tournaments — the European championship-2013 in Lvov and the World championship-2015 in Kiev.

The Ukrainian application has been apprehended by participants of the congress with approval. However the final decision concerning a possibility of carrying out of a continental and world tournaments in cities of Ukraine will be accepted in following year.

Let’s remind, that the World championship in Lithuania has brought to the Ukrainian team 12 medals (on two gold and silver, eight bronze) and the fourth place in overall classification (after Russia, Belarus and Bulgaria). Ivan Vasilchuk from Khmelnitskiy area in tournament on sports sambo (a weight category up to 90 kg) and Olexander Kolomiets from Kiev in competitions on combat sambo (up to 90 kg) became the champions of the world-2011.

Source: Ukrainian sambo Federation