Sambo in Russia: ESF bulletin, december 12-25, 2011

December 26 2011

In December, the elimination matches of the federal districts in Russia to the Russian Championships and Championships among Youth and Juniors have been finished.

On December 23, the working meeting of the All-Russian Sambo Federation was organized in Russian Olympic Committee.

The meeting was dedicated to the different important problems as projects and new trends of activity, plans for 2012 and competition’s calendar of upcoming sports season. All these issues were the main challenges in the operational work of Sambo administration.

Another important issue was the possibility of sambo implementation to the school program in region districts, creation of sambo sections at Universities and organization of competitions among masters.

On December 22, the meeting of the accreditation commission under the direction of deputy minister Yury Nagornykh (on photo) was held in the Russian Ministry of Sports, Tourism and Youth Policy.

All-Russian Sambo Federation President Sergey Eliseev took the floor reporting about the sambo development in the Russian Federation, its plans, perspectives on sambo development and main directions of the All-Russian Sambo Federation’s activity.

In conclusion of meeting Yury Nagornykh drew attention to the fact that sambo was a national sport of Russia and marked special mention of active work federation on sambo development and sambo popularization. He said to all members of ministry board that it was necessary to assist federation in sambo development and also said that the All-Rusian Sambo Federation was an example of successful work in its activity with regional sambo federations.

All-Russian Sambo Federation has renewed an accreditation for the next 4 years in the Ministry of Sports, Tourism and Youth Policy and received the right to govern the sambo in Russia, represent this type of sport in all public and non-government organizations. All-Russian Sambo Federation is the unique organization in the country possessing the right to conduct the championships, championships among youth and juniors, cups of Russia, official sports competitions, international sambo competitions on the Russian territory and represent sports delegations and teams at the official sports events at international level.

December 15, there was a program “Conversation with Mr. Vladimir Putin” on the “Russia” channel with participation of general-major of Ministry of Internal Affair Aslambek Aslakhanov (on photo), who is also a member of board of trustees of the All-Russian Sambo Federation, honored master of Sports in sambo, member of the Council of Federation of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation.

During the meeting the President of the Government of the Russian Federation Mr. Vladimir Putin marked the outstanding merits of Aslambek Aslakhanov in sambo development, sambo popularization and healthy life-style.

“Aslambek Aslakhanov takes part not only in the competitions, but regularly wins the World Sambo Championships (Masters), it is so wonderful, and I was even amazed by this very much. Frankly speaking, I stiffened with astonishment when I saw him on mat last time enjoying how well he was doing that. It is brilliant” said Mr. Putin.

December 14, the sambo tournament among blind and healthy sambo athletes under 35 years was held in Moscow.

This unusual tournament was organized in the “Zviagynets” family style sports club. Head of the club is experienced coach Evgeniy Gatkin. The aim of tournament is the improvement of sports rehabilitation of blind invalids and creation of tolerant public attitude to invalids like to equal in rights members of society. This first tournament was among men and women in 4 weight categories: under 62, 74, 82, 90 kg. Sambo athletes of “Zviagynets”, sportsmen of the All-Russian organization for blind, and representatives of Para Olympic judo national team took part in this event. According to the results of the tournament winners and prize-winner were awarded valuable prizes, medals and diplomas.