Montenegro sambo federation

Montenegro, Podgorica 20000, ul Peka Pavlovica 14
+ 38269513035
President Dejan Lukic
Secretary General Dusan Vlahovic
Honoured President Zoran S. Milovic

Sambo has been practised in Montenegro for 20 years ago. From 1993 to 2011 the sambo athletes won 42 medals in the world championships, the European championships and the world cup in all age and weight categories. Two European championships were organised in Montenegro. The founders of Montenegro sambo federation are Zoran Milovic and Dejan Lukic, they are disciples of the famous professor Svetozar Mihailovic.

One of the oldest sambo clubs is "Jedinstvo", which was created in Podgorica. Later many other clubs were established in the country as "Danilvgrad" in Danilovgrad and "Buducnost" in Podgorica, "Fedor Emilianenko" in Podgorica, "B-Montenegro" in Podgorica,.“Crnogorac” in Podgorica, "Berane" in Berane. 

The international sambo events in Montenegro (1997-2011): 

- The European team championship for seniors 1997 in Budva, 

- The European club championship 2000 in Budva, 

- The Balkan countries sambo and combat sambo championship 2008 in Budva,

 -The Balkan countries sambo and combat sambo cup 2011 in Berane. 

The Montenegro sambo federation had received a new status of the national federation in 2006 (after the recognition of the independence of Montenegro).

The significant achievements were made by Aleksandar Boricic in the Balkan countries championship, who won the gold medal. The remarkable results were achieved by Filip Jokovic, Petar Vlahovic, Risto Stankovic and Slaven Cadjenovic at the championships among youth and juniors. Mitar Nikolov took the third place in combat sambo (-82 kg) in the World cup stage A.Kharlampiev in Moscow 2011. 

Lazar Cupic-3rd place 9n World Championship for Youngers 1998-99 or 17-18th year of life.Championship was in Ploesti (Romania) from 06th to 10th October 2016.